Mayfield Singers Style Guide


When making reference to Mayfield Singers, it is improper to precede it with an article, namely “the” whenever possible. When it cannot be avoided, it should be lower-case as to not imply that it is part of the official title of the group.

It may be necessary, at times, to differentiate Mayfield Singers from other groups of the same name. A simple geographic qualifier is sufficient. Examples include: “located in Palo Alto, California” or “of the Bay Area.”


Mayfield Crimson

  • #850F17
  • rgb(133, 15, 23)
  • hsl(356, 80%, 29%)

Mayfield Red

  • #D94A4A
  • rgb(217, 74, 74)
  • hsl(0, 65%, 57%)

Mayfield Charcoal

  • #323232
  • rgb(50, 50, 50)
  • hsl(0, 0%, 20%)



The typeface to be used in all official Mayfield Singers publications is Lato.

As demonstrated on this page, titles and headlines are displayed in uppercase with loose tracking in “regular” weight. Body copy is set in “light” weight.